Vedic Ganita

Present website is devoted to the values of Vedic Gantia, which is all inclusive Discipline of Vedic Samhitas with Sakala Rigved Samhita is the source scripture of Vedic knowledge systems (including Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies).

Present year (1-10-2015 to 30-09-2016) chase theme is ‘to reach at comparative domains of Vedic Mathematics and modern Mathematics values’.

Mathematics Students, Teachers and Research Scholars are invited to join this chase which may extent over a period of one year.

Let us have an aim to glimpse values and First Principles of Mathematics through Times. And our objective shall be to reach at the mathematical domain which stood worked at different Times.

Let our further exercise be to augment all these attainments and to have an insight and vision for the Universal Mathematical Domain.

To set the ball rolling, let me state:

Present exercise aims to be face to face with mathematics values from Vedic Times to present day, and surely even prior to the day of settlement of Vedic Samhitas. Mathematics continues being the First Discipline of Knowledge. And it is, because of the values of Mathematics itself that Vedic Samhitas stood settled.

Mathematics values present chase exercise, as such shall be bringing us face to face with the comparative domains of Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics. The same, in a way is going to provide us an opportunity to re-convince ourselves that the essential urge of the Discipline of Mathematics is to enliven the blissful state of Universal values of our Existence Phenomenon.

This exercise is to continue for full one year duration from today i.e. 1-10-2015 till 30-09-2016.

It is hoped that during these 366 days period, a reasonable insight may be had, to have vision of the blissful state of Mathematical values being cherished by human mind during all these Times.

Naturally, this exercise is to be centered around the records which have reached us and are preserved with us. Further, it also would be natural that we shall be comparing Ancient Times in the light of our present day comprehension state of Mind.

Taking this to be our start with impressions of the broad outline of the Exercise, we may take Sakala Rigved Samhita being the oldest Book of Mankind preserved with us from its first syllable to its last 432000th syllable as the source book of Vedic Mathematics values.

Our present day success story of practically complete reach of all the 26 sporadic groups, that way will become the flag point of Modern Mathematics processing system.

It would be a blissful exercise to have comparative evaluation of 26 meters of Vedic systems and 26 sporadic groups of modern systems.

Beginning like that, the present exercise of chase of Mathematics values of Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics, it is going to be a very blissful exercise which shall be bringing us face to face with the comparative domains of Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics.

Here is an invitation to the Students, Teachers and Scholars of Mathematics to share their reach of Mathematics values.

Vedic Systems settlement initiation may be of settlement along Sathapatya measuring rod, a synthetic set up of hyper cubes 1 to 6.

For interactive participation, one may register for 'Mathematics Values Chase’ To register or view the course click the link VM Courses.

- Dr. S. K. Kapoor