Present website aims to revisit Ancient Wisdom, with Vedas at its core. One of the ways which appeals is to have an approach in terms of Vedic Mathematics, with Ganita Sutras at its base. Beginning like that, reach is being aimed for Discipline of Vedic Mathematics, Science and Technology; a Discipline whose virtues, values and features transcend the individual Disciplines of Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Sciences and Vedic Technologies. This will bring us face to face with the Existence Phenomenon of solar universe of Earth to Sun range, with Pole Star as source reservoir Origin.

Sakala Rigved Samhita is the oldest source scripture of 432000 akshras range which has reached us intact from its first syllable to its 432000th syllable. As each syllable is a composition of a minimum of 2 letters, as such this range extents beyond 864000 letters range. This range may be taken as a range of 10,00,000 letters. With this, it becomes very promising range and in the claims of Ancient Wisdom, it is the full range reach for the entire Existence Phenomenon of our solar universe. And this, with this bliss is going to be our blissful revisit.

Discipline of Vedic Mathematics, Science and Technology

Discipline of Vedic Mathematics, Science and Technology (in short VMS & T) is a Discipline of distinct values, virtues and features. These values and virtues are distinct than that of Discipline of Vedic Mathematics. Also, these values and virtues are distinct than those of individual and collective Disciplines of Vedic Sciences. Further, these values and virtues of VMS & T are distinct than those of individual and collective Disciplines of Vedic Technologies.

Vedic Mathematics approach is of geometric formats. Here ‘square’ and ‘cube’ are availed simultaneously. As such, values and features of Vedic Mathematics are inherently of the virtues of this approach.

Vedic Sciences approach, individually as distinct Science Discipline, is of artifices format of ‘Two’. Collectively, ‘Sciences’ exploration is of ‘Matter’. With this, the virtues of values and features of Disciplines of Sciences, as such, are inherently the values and virtues of chase of ‘matter’ along artifices of ‘two’.

Discipline of Vedic Technology is of the approach of simultaneously handling of a pair of paired cubes / solids. This approach of simultaneous handling of four cubes, inherently leads to values and features whose virtues become the virtues and values of the Discipline of Vedic Technologies.

The Discipline of Vedic Mathematics, Science and Technology ‘VMS & T’ is of the approach of directional flow paths for the dimensional contents from the center of cube / origin of 3-space. This flow is streamed as beams bits caged by eight octants / sub cubes of cube coordinated as ten directional flow set up.

This set up manifests organization format for organization of knowledge as four fold Vedas namely, Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharavved.


Transcendental carriers

Proper initiation for the Discipline of VMS & T may be in terms of transcendental carriers of Sun light. Sun in terms of its light (Sun light) unifies ‘Earth to Sun range’ in its both orientations. In manifested form, it is of the format of features of ‘self-referral’ boundary of hyper cube – 7 which has formulation value '14 A6’ as domain boundary ratio of hyper cube 7 permit expression as ‘B7:14A6’.

Half of self referral boundary of hyper cube 7 which is of value ‘7A6’, as such makes Sun light as to be of the features of Self referral spectrum / rainbow of 7 colours’ format of the comprehension expression range of ‘pair’ of eyes of ‘human frame’.

The unifying features of transcendental carriers of ‘Earth to Sun range’ of its both orientations amounts to simultaneous availing of ‘2 as 1’ and ‘1 as 2’ as working units.

With it ‘half’ as a working unit deserves to be comprehended well. Because of it, the spatial order the set up of creator space (4-space) permits chase of the boundary fold in terms of ‘half boundary fold’. This as such would permit pairing of six steps long ‘Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Sun’ as a range of triple pairs namely i) (Earth, Water) ii) (Fire, Air), iii) (Space, Sun)

In opposite orientation this range of triple pairs shall be organizing as i) (Sun, Space), ii) (Air, Fire) and iii) (Water, Earth)

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Twelve Years Knowledge Chase Steps

Dwadash Varsh Gyan Yajna (Twelve Years Knowledge chase steps) is continuing it begin in 2006 and is to continue till 2018. Each year specific knowledge aspect is taken up for its chase. Here are being added first six years chase steps under following knowledge aspects

1. First Year:      Creator’s space (2006-07)
Second Year: Transcendental word (2007-08)
Third Year:    Gyatri Mantra (2008-09)
Fourth Year:   Devnagri alphabet (2009-10)
Fifth Year:      Sunlight basis of knowledge (2010-11)
Sixth Year:     Jeev Atma (2011-12)

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